Moving From a Condo To a House: 5 Things To Know

Buying | 11-20-20

The ongoing pandemic has greatly impacted us—including our preferred living arrangements. For many downtown condo owners, it’s meant rethinking the day-to-day. Suddenly, the idea of having more room to breathe, a bit of outdoor space, and greater privacy is extremely appealing. Sound familiar?

If you’re ready to buy a house, it may be one of the best decisions you ever make. That said, there are a few things you should be aware of as you make this major change.

If you’re upsizing from a condo to a house, here are five things you should know…

1) Your costs will grow

Moving into a house means no more condo fees! The downside? Some of your other expenses will almost certainly increase. For one thing, you’ll be covering your own maintenance costs from here on out. If you’re buying an older home, you’ll likely also have more than a couple of major repairs to tackle in the first year. Lastly, you should be aware that more square footage means heftier utility bills—and you’ll want to factor that into your budget.

2) You should think about your specific needs

Many home buyers purchase more space simply because they want it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but understanding your needs will allow you to upsize with purpose—and avoid future regret. Is your family growing? Are you looking to accommodate your four-legged friend? Is it simply time for something a little bigger? From your layout to the number of bedrooms you need to whether you’re searching for a yard, your upsizing needs should guide your search.

3) It’s going to be more work than you think

One of the things many condo lovers most enjoy about living in a unit is the fact that it’s low-maintenance. There’s no raking the lawn or shovelling snow. You don’t have to worry about finding a repair person if your dishwasher breaks down. Of course, that’s all going to change when you purchase a house. Tackling ongoing maintenance issues can take some time, but setting aside an hour here and there should be sufficient.

4) It pays to think long term

There’s no rule that you have to stay in your house for a certain number of years. That said, buying, selling, and moving in or out of a single-family home often requires more effort than you’d expect. For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to consider your house a long-term commitment. Think carefully about your plans for the next few years—and once you do find the right place, invest in high-quality furniture!

5) The move is so worth it

Some buyers never want to leave condo living behind. It works for them, which is a beautiful thing! But if you’ve always seen yourself in a house (or you’re starting to feel the pull), then taking the next step is worth your while. It’s going to mean having more space to spread out, greater privacy than ever before, and a place that you can truly call your own!

When you’re ready to purchase your first single-family home, finding an experienced local agent is key. With expert guidance, some due diligence, and a little patience, you can make your dream of owning the perfect house come true.

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