Some of the benefits of Composite decking are the long life and durability and that they are easy to keep clean and maintain.

Home Improvement Projects: Wood or Composite Decking?

Homeowners | 06-28-21

Adding a deck to your yard can completely change your outdoor space and quickly make your yard an inviting and beautiful place to BBQ, relax or entertain.


With dozens of decking options on the market these days, we will stick with comparing your classic wood decks vs. composite or PVC decking.


Wood Decks: The Pro’s and Con’s


Many types of wood decks used are Redwood, Cedar, IPE (Exotic Hardwood) or Pressure Treated Boards. Pressure treated boards are soaked with chemicals and put under pressure making the boards resistant to rot and insects.


Of these types of wood decking, the pressure treated board lasts the longest and are the heartiest in repelling rot and bugs.


Wood decking requires more maintenance than a plastic or composite deck but is all natural and will always have that timeless look. It’s constant staining, sanding and sealing.


You will want to regularly stain and sand your wood deck. It’s a part of preserving the boards and extending the life span of the deck.


I have heard of pressure treated decks lasting up to 50 years when properly maintained. And you can always change the colour with dozens of different stain colour options. And when rot does occur, you can easily change out the boards to preserve the structure of the deck.


There’s no question that there’s a certain nostalgia to a natural wood deck and adds natural beauty to any space.


Composite and PVC Decking: The Pro’s and Con’s


Composite decking is made with small wood fibers that are encased in plastic. They won’t splinter or be as susceptible to rot and wood eating insects.


PVC (Polymer) is also made up of wood and resin which have no organic material to rot.


Besides being hearty and long-lasting, there are a wide variety of colours to choose from. Unlike wood, you cannot change stains over the lifespan of the deck.


Some of the benefits of Composite decking are the long life and durability and that they are easy to keep clean and maintain.


There are pitfalls of plastic as well. Plastic decks have the ability to warp, swell or sag and you cannot refinish them. Composites are pricier than wood but generally last between 25 and 30 years. Plastic decks can also get very hot in the sun and can be slippery in the rain and snow.

Check out Home Depot for great decking options and colours. Are you looking for a contractor? You can start your search here at Homestars for company’s in your area and their ratings.


So which material will you choose? Both options will certainly add incredible curb appeal to your home and yard.  Having a deck always seems to bring people together and create usable spaces in your yard.