Thinking of selling in this market? 5 Easy tips to get you sold fast and for top dollar

Homeowners | 12-9-22

In this market we are seeing that buyers are not settling for just anything and that they are really wanting a move in ready, turnkey home. The buyer in this market has more options and more time to buy. Putting your home on the Market at this time of year can have its benefits though, as the pool of buyers is smaller but generally quite serious and ready to purchase.

Check out these 5 Easy SELLING Tips!

1: Clean, Repair and Replace

Buyers have an emotional response immediately upon walking through the door. It is an absolute must that the home is squeaky clean and smelling good. Not just floors and windows need a good cleaning but remember to do wall switches, light fixtures, bathrooms, all faucets and sinks.

Take a walk from room to room and make a to-do list of any minor repairs and painting necessary. Consider replacing any non-functioning appliances, burnt out bulbs, and any minor damages throughout the entire house.

  1. Purge or Pack It Up!

Yes everything! A buyer needs to be able to walk into a neutral space and imagine themselves and their families living there.

Set piles to Donate, Sell and Pack up. Any toys, personal Items, seasonal clothes etc. should all be packed up and out of the property. De-clutter each and every room and don’t neglect the closets and the basement! This is a very important step in the selling process.

  1. Paint and Light Fixtures

If you do not have the budget for a full renovation, give these tips a try.

Fresh Paint is cheap and cheerful! Painting cleans and refreshes the room and can even drastically open up the space. Choose a light neutral pallet.

Consider replacing a few light fixtures! Light fixtures often pull the entire look of a room together. They can add a modern or new feel to a tired space. Ensure you choose matching fixtures and that they match the rest of the existing space.

  1. Curb Appeal

Does your front door need some touch ups? Make it feel new. After-all, it’s the first thing the buyers will come across. It’s a good idea to have a maintained lawn both in front and back. Adding fresh mulch or stones around trees and bushes can really bring the yard to next level. Think about adding lighting to your outdoor spaces. Lighting creates a comfortable and inviting space. And finally, invest in seasonal plants or planters at the front door. Planters are great because you can add your own flare to them with colour!

  1. You’ve got to stage your home!

Staging completely maximizes the space and really showcases a home in it’s very best light. The stager may work with your existing furniture and they may bring in new pieces too. The end result is a whole home that flows and is completely cohesive.

Remember, staging makes the very best attributes of your home shine! With staging, the space is the perfect setting for the Buyer to see themselves living there and what they will do once they move in. Staging can evoke a mood, tone and can completely open up a space.

Well there you have it! My 5 super easy tips to sell in this Market, fast and for top dollar. Call me today if you’ve been considering selling. We can discuss if this is the right time for you to sell your home and I will show you how I provide the highest service level possible.

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