5 Super Simple Staging Tips Before Selling Your Home:

Homeowners | 08-31-21

As a Realtor, getting a house ready for the market requires a lot of planning and strategy, and one of the most important steps before presenting the home to the public is the staging. Staging a house most definitely adds value to the sale. Whether that’s positioning the home to sell quickly or whether it’s obtaining top dollar, it does work!

1:  Remove Clutter and de-personalize

This is an extremely important step in the staging process. You want to remove all personal photos and belongings and any clutter from rooms and closets. A buyer wishes to walk into a neutral space and envision themselves living there. Closets should look light in that they do not have too much stuffed into them. The closets should show off how much storage the home offers.

2: Paint

Painting is so inexpensive and makes one of the most dramatic differences in the overall effect of staging a home for sale. Choose a neutral palette for each room. If you want to add a little bit of drama to a room or create a focal point, you can paint an accent wall in a deeper colour.

3: Deep Clean and Repairs

The idea of staging is to have your house look like a showroom. It must be spotlessly clean and virtually look unlived in. Don’t forget the smallest of details like the faucets and mirrors in each room. The floors should shine as should the windows! Buyers coming through should not know you have pets. Watch for pet smells that could dampen your sale.

4: Create a Mood

Create mood with lighting, colour and textures. Now that you have a blank canvas, it’s time to create a feeling in the room. Start by picking the focal point of the room and build a space around that. Updating electrical light fixtures also easily transforms any space and assists in keeping the theme of the room. Find optimal furniture placement being mindful of traffic flow areas and create conversation areas. You can balance spaces out with two lamps and the right shape and sized rug for the area. Layering textures and colours could mean a few accent pillows and throws.

5: Don’t forget the Curb Appeal!

Finally, you’ve put all this effort and energy into a winning interior, so don’t forget that it’s equally important to create an appealing curb appeal out front. Clean up the yard, plant trees or bushes. Flower beds and pots look great at the door. Think about a colour scheme out there. Perhaps a new front door? Look that the lighting is inviting and that everything looks to be well cared for.

These are proven methods to help you sell your home as quickly as you can and for the most amount of money. And remember, you want to create a great first impression!


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