How Safe is your money?

Should Canadians be Worried about their Money?

Finances | 03-16-23

Why Canadians should be aware but not worried about our Banks in Canada:

CDIC Insurance provides peace of mind

Canadians should be aware of the protection offered by CDIC insurance, as it provides a safety net for their hard-earned money. CDIC insurance covers eligible deposits of up to $100,000 per depositor, per insured category, at each CDIC member institution. This means that Canadians can rest easy knowing that their deposits are protected in case their financial institution fails. It is essential to note that CDIC coverage is automatic and free, so Canadians do not need to take any additional steps to ensure their deposits are insured.

CDIC insurance is backed by the Canadian government

CDIC insurance is a federal Crown corporation that operates at arm’s length from the government of Canada. The corporation is funded by premiums paid by member institutions and investments. In the unlikely event of a member institution’s failure, CDIC has access to a range of tools to help it protect depositors’ funds, including the ability to borrow funds from the Government of Canada if necessary. The government of Canada has never failed to support CDIC, which further demonstrates the corporation’s stability and reliability.

Canadians have access to information to make informed decisions

The CDIC website provides Canadians with a wealth of information to help them make informed decisions about their deposits. Canadians can find out which financial institutions are members of CDIC and whether their deposits are insured. The website also includes information on the corporation’s role, how deposit insurance works, and what to do in the event of a member institution’s failure. By accessing this information, Canadians can ensure that they are informed and knowledgeable about CDIC insurance, which can provide them with additional peace of mind.

While it is essential for Canadians to be aware of CDIC insurance, they should not be worried about their deposits as long as they are within the CDIC coverage limit. The CDIC provides a safety net for Canadians’ deposits, and the government of Canada backs the corporation. By accessing the information provided by CDIC, Canadians can make informed decisions about their deposits and have confidence in the stability and reliability of the corporation.

For more information and Insurance limits visit: CDIC.CA