2022 Design Trends: Creating Wellness in your Home Space

Homeowners | 03-31-22

It’s no surprise that after two years of being locked inside and doing the same thing each day, that the trends this year are refreshing and balanced. This year’s style is nature inspired, connecting us to the outdoors both in colour and texture.


Minimalism is in

Clean rooms that are light and airy offer a calming environment. Remove all clutter and create function first. Many people are now creating rooms for their hobbies or even just a place for their personal space for wellness and relaxation.


Nature Inspired

Natural colours you see in Nature are in. Softer, earthier palettes are in this year allowing for a nature indoors feel. You can incorporate soft natural woods, leafy greens, and natural lighting to bring a visual connection to the outdoors and nature. Terracotta, Olive and Mustard are popular this year, along with the use of marble and pops of black elements. Natural hardwood flooring, herring bone floors, and creams or off white are highly used.


Curves and Arches

Art Deco style has become very popular again with arches and curves in architecture. This year furniture will have many arches and curves as well that will add a softer feel to a space.


Personal Expression

It’s less important to stick with one style than it is to create a space that pleases you and makes you feel good. Mixing decorating styles can still give you a cohesive space. You’re going to see a good mix of design and vintage pieces this year.

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